Pinned Post, Spring 2020

This post will stay pinned to the top of the blog for the duration of our coronavirus course readjustments.

April 10: Broome County Executive Jason Garnar asks that, in order to limit the spread of coronavirus, residents should go out to do necessary shopping and exercise only on days that correspond to their birth year. So: if you were born in an even-numbered year, go out on even-numbered days; if you were born in an odd-numbered year, go out on odd-numbered days.

A message from President Kevin Drumm and Student Assembly President Daniel Todd.

Free internet access during the coronavirus crisis: for more, read here.

Read SUNY-Broome’s daily coronavirus updates here.

When all this is over, Ima be like:

A little levity: “Welcome to Your Hastily-Prepared Online College Course.”

Update 3/26: These are good tips if you can work them.

UPDATED 3/21: At this point, it appears that all students who can go home are being urged to do so. If you cannot go home, please let me know if you need supplies.

  1. As you know the school, per the governor’s request, will be moving to mostly distance learning after Thursday, March 19.
  2. The school is NOT closing, and all buildings will remain open, including the library, computer labs, Mac Lab and practice rooms, and Student Village and the Cafeteria. You are NOT required to move out of the dorms.
  3. If students choose to move back home for the semester, they will NOT be able to return to the Student Village for the remainder of the semester.  They must turn in their key to the front desk.   
  4. Only current students may visit the Student Village.  All other visitors, including family must remain outside of the building.       
  5. The fees to stay in the Student Village for spring break are waived. Students are encouraged students to stay in the area. Also, the Cafeteria will remain open for spring break.
  6. At this time, students are strongly encouraged NOT to travel outside of the immediate area.
  7. All gatherings over 50 people will need to be cancelled. This does not prevent you from meeting in small groups, for instance to work on your midterm project, but instructors have been encouraged to move online if at all possible, so we will be moving online.
  8. We’re building the plane as we’re flying it, so expect things to be unclear and possibly less-than-ideal at first.
  9. We are going to stick with the blog. For most assignments, I will be adding questions to blog posts that you will answer in the comments: you know the drill.
  10. We will be non-synchronous, but your work will be due on a deadline each week.
  11. PLEASE let me know if there’s anything you think I can do better as we move to an online format.

Please use the comments on this post to ask ANYTHING about music, assignments, online learning, student resources, and/or any other concerns you might have about this course, our scholarly community, and the big picture. Ask at any time. I will answer as soon as possible. If you have a question you would rather not ask in a forum that others can see, email it to me at

Follow updates on the steps SUNY-Broome is taking to address coronavirus here.

SUNY-Broome student resources can be found here.

Good COVID-19 infographics here:

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